Don't Sacrifice Anything!

posted Jun 27, 2011, 2:18 PM by Trevor Hale   [ updated Jun 27, 2011, 3:05 PM ]

When I reed or listen to “motivational speakers Life Coaches, Counselors, Coaches, Parents and others talk about going after your dreams or goals or aspirations, I often hear them talk about the need to make SACRIFICES.

WHAT!.... That’s a load of Hooey!

If you are going about chasing your dream, building a career (in business or sport) then I truly believe that you MUST be doing so because you LOVE doing whatever it is you are wanting to do better.

If you are not THEN you are truly SACRIFICING something…if not everything.

For example, take a moment to imagine doing what you don’t want to be doing for the rest of you life (or imagine being with someone you don’t like being with for the rest of your life)….really take a moment to picture and feel how this would be….how do you feel?

When I ask this question of my clients, I first notice their faces scrunch up, and their posture become tense or defensive. Next they begin to tell me this makes them feel ANXIOUS, UPSET, ANGREY, UNHAPPY, STRESSED OUT, SICK TO THE STOMACH, DEPRESSED, (and there are usually a few expletives thrown in also).

Now do the opposite: take a moment to imagine doing whatever it is you’d love to be doing for the rest of your life…really picture it (who are you with, what are you doing, how do you feel when you wake up, when you come home, what does that life afford you???)

Now how does that make you feel? …

I bet better then the first question…

So which one feels like the sacrifice?

I simply don’t understand nor do I endorse the ideal that in order to get to where you truly want to go in life is in any way a SACRIFICE.

While the second scenario may require a lot of planning, commitment, goal directed behavior—maybe even some pretty radical changes in your life I don’t believe these are sacrifices. They are steps you must take (and I hope will enjoy taking) in order to achieve your potential.

To do this you have to give 100% of yourself—not all the time everyday, but be totally focused on the task for a given portion of each day. No multi-tasking. MULTITASKING doesn’t lead to excellence! Would you trust a Neurosurgeon to cut into your brain if you knew they were also going to be doing a little on-line-trading and browse the holiday adds while performing surgery?  OF COURSE NOT! You want them to be 100% focused, but if they want to do other tasks at other times, that’s ok…just not when they are poking around in you brain.

So if you want to move in the direction of your life ambition Sacrifice nothing, you may have to go through quite a bit of hardship (physical, mental, emotional, even financial). BUT enjoy the time you set for achieving your potential, and move towards it with enthusiasm, total focus, and purpose!

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